Personal Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance (otherwise known as Private Medical Insurance) helps to ensure that you will get the medical treatment you need. When you need it and with the best possible quality of care. These insurance policies are designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ which are likely to respond quickly to treatment.

Your insurance policy will also cover the cost of surgery, consultants and accommodation whilst you recover, with options on who will treat you and where. With a wide variety of policies to cover all kinds of conditions and budgets. Why not get the best quality of care for yourself. When you do fall ill or sustain an injury with Simple Insurance Solutions?

Our flexible policies come with a variety of options, including but not limited to; buildings cover, public liability, rent cover, theft and damages, etc. For more information on how to cover your commercial property, contact Simple Insurance Solutions today.

Pet Insurance

Whether your pet is a lovable pooch, fluffy tomcat or something more exotic. Our flexible Pet Insurance policies have all the features to give your pet the cover they need. With support for medical bills, help in advertising in the event they go missing and more. Why not see how our Pet Insurance can help your and your non-human best friend get peace of mind.

Our insurance policies come with a wide variety of features and discounts for less risk-averse species So why not get in touch to see how we can help protect your pet? Our Pet insurance specialists are able to give expert advice and guidance. So that you can get the right insurance policy for your specific needs.

Travel Insurance

Whether you’re planning a quiet holiday or business trip abroad. Our flexible travel insurance plans will help you cover any unexpected emergencies at competitive rates. Simple Insurance Solutions offer flexible plans for business, leisure and group trips including optional extras like baggage cover.

Also, if you’re planning multiple trips this year, why not consider annual travel insurance to cover multiple trips, or long stay insurance for longer excursions? If you prefer to arrange insurance as and when you need it. Our flexible cover options are sure to meet your needs. Just speak to a member of our team to learn more and start discussing terms today.

What Our Customers Say

  • Simple Insurance Solutions helped us get the perfect insurance solution for our needs with excellent customer service and a hands-on experience. They advised us through every step of the process and helped us pick the perfect policy for our needs, making everything simple enough for us to understand. We would heartily recommend Simple Insurance Solutions for their excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff and simple business model – it couldn’t have been easier to get the right insurance policy for our business.  
    Cheshire Homes
  • The team at Simple Insurance Solutions made it super simple to find a better insurance policy for our business. They helped us through every stage of the process and advised us on which policy would be best for us. The staff knew what they were on about and helped us find the right policies for our needs, giving advice over the phone until we settled on the right one for us.
    Lynx Taxis
  • When we reached out to Simple Insurance Solutions needing a new policy, they were super helpful and considered all our needs. The person we spoke to knew all about the issues we were concerned about and gave us helpful advice on picking the right insurance solution. The whole time they were really helpful and down to earth, from when we first called them through to choosing our policy and implementing it. Would definitely recommend, great with all kinds of insurance and offers pretty much all the cover you could need.  
    Basarah Lounge
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