23rd August 2021
ghost broking

Have you been a victim of ghost broking?

Over the last several years we have had to become wary of sophisticated phishing scams where individuals impersonate or claim to represent a company or organisation.  […]
4th January 2021

Takeaway owners, don’t forget to complete the essentials

With the country stuck at home and unable to meet friends and having to adhere to everchanging government restrictions, having to decide which takeaway to order […]
30th December 2020
taxi drivers

Taxi Drivers… Use this time to get those jobs done!

It’s a tough time for many businesses and workers at the moment – not least for taxi drivers. We’re encouraging you to make the most of […]
30th July 2020

Insurance for Freelancers: Types of Insurance Covers

As a freelancer, you’re your own boss and have to fulfill so many professional and personal responsibilities at the same time. Getting insured is one of […]
14th July 2020
delivery driver insurance

Delivery Driver Insurance: All You Need To Know

If you are a delivery driver, then regular car insurance won’t be enough to cover you during an emergency. If you are a delivery driver who […]
10th July 2020

Taxi Insurance: Everything You Need To Know About.

Regular car insurance is not enough when your taxi is your source of livelihood. Read this comprehensive guide to know everything about insuring your taxi and […]
7th July 2020
Insurance for Gig Economy Professionals

Insurance for Gig Economy Professionals: All You Need To Know. 

With the rise of contract workers and freelancers, the gig economy is booming at a rapid pace. It’s important to leverage the opportunity as well as protect yourself […]
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