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Obtaining a suitable motor trade insurance cover could be a complex process. We know that, so we take care of it as a whole to make sure that the process is fast and easy for you. With Simple Insurance Solutions our motor trade insurance brokers and with our easy online quote system. We can help you get cover, immediately!

Over the years, we have built up a comprehensive portfolio of motor trade buyers. We take pride in providing adaptable terms and accommodating risks. We deal in all sorts of motor insurance From big dealerships to mobile mechanics. Whatever your profession within the motor trade, we can get you an insurance plan that fits your needs.

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Motor trade insurance comparison is a simple process it only takes just a few minutes to finish our quick quote form. All you have to do is to give us your contact information, details about your motor trade company and tell us about the type of policy you are interested in. after that you will get a call from one of our team members in minutes who can give you a suitable quote, they will guide you properly so you can obtain a cheap motor trade insurance.

Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is a cover that is carry by an individual who operates a business relating to motorcars. This type of policy can vary from motorcars to trucks and can supply cover for companies. That trade with customers motorcars along with their own.

When a motor trade business trades with a client’s motorcars. They are bringing that vehicle into their ‘hands, protection and their authority. That is why this needs a professional insurance approach to cover that. The term ‘care, protection and management appears frequently in the motor trade insurance business. Generally, it means motorcars that have been stranded in the authority of your company and are not protected by the keeper’s own motorcar insurance.

Get a wide range of covers along with your motor insurance

Motor trade insurance can protect a wide combination of business types. That contains everything from motorcar deals and servicing to car valets, collapse or failure services, motor technicians, car dealers and more. As stated above we are one of the best motor trade insurance companies that can cover a broad spectrum of same business categories. It’s important that every policy is precisely tailored to each individual or business.

Do I Require Motor Trade Insurance?

If you are a motor dealer then it is possible that you are disobeying the rule by not obtaining a suitable approach to motor trade insurance. This is not only for companies the law is the same for every relative business. If you are non-staff self-employed but still bear accountability for other individuals’ motorcars. Then it’s necessary you keep the essential cover in place too.

What type of insurance should you get!

The kind of motor trade cover you should get relies on the sector of the motor trade business you work in. For example, if you keep motorcars under your care, charge and management. Then you will require a motor trade insurance approach that offers you protection for customer’s vehicles. Either way, for example, if you operate in the automotive sector and support, manage and supply vehicles, the type of cover you would need would not be the same.

However, It is normal that motor dealers may work in more additional areas and need an approach. That protects them for all of their business affairs. We have considerable years of knowledge and a well-developed understanding of working with motor traders and encountering covers. That fit their requirements accurately.

What Does A Motor Trade Insurance  Policy Cover?

Same as any other kind of insurance strategy, the insurance supplied by every motor trade insurance policy will be different because of the distinctive risks you may confront. Given the wide range of automotive activities, coverage can vary significantly

How does Motor Trade Insurance Work?

The number of additional covers that can be enclose on a motor trade insurance policy is nearly endless. So think carefully about the cover that is comprise on the policy as standard and the other cover you may require. Some extras will require an additional fee, so make sure you don’t already include related coverage from another source.

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