Specialist Insurance

Antique Insurance

As they tend to be expensive, sentimental and fragile, antiques need a special kind of insurance. Which takes into account how hard they are to repair or replace. We offer a range of antique insurance policies to ensure that your antique possessions are safe as can be.

Whether you want to insure your grandmother’s porcelain figurine collection or make sure. That your vintage vinyl collection is taken care of, our specialist contents insurance is ideal for your antique goods. To learn more about our policies or seek expert advice, turn off the gramophone and give us a ring on your old Bakelite rotary phone today.

Breakdown Cover

Breaking down during a long drive is one of the things we all hope to avoid. But when you are stuck out on the road, you want someone to help you out. Breakdown cover does exactly that and ensures that a mechanic or to truck will be along to help get you where you need to be. Even if you’re unable to travel under your own steam.

If you have a breakdown without the proper cover. You may be charged a premium for what is otherwise a quite routine service. To help you get back on the roads. We offer flexible breakdown cover as a standalone service or as part of our motor insurance policies.

Cafe Insurance

We’ve helped hundreds of eateries protect against the unexpected. And we can help you find the perfect cover for your café too! Whether you manage the neighbourhood greasy spoon or own a bistro in the countryside. We have a wide range of features to give you the cover you need to help protect your business.

For restaurant and café insurance that’s tailored to the needs of your business with features like stock cover, public, products and employer’s liability insurance, look for a simple insurance solution today. Our experienced insurance advisors will be able to give you personalised advice and guidance. So that you can find the policy that’s right for you.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars can be a real labour of love, requiring more maintenance, costly repairs and greater driving expenses. Than most modern cars, so you need insurance to match. Our flexible motor insurance policies include a variety of features, from breakdown cover to repair expenses to help you keep your classic car(s) on the road.

Whether you have a vintage Volvo or classic Cadillac. We can help you find an insurance policy with all the cover you need. To learn more about our classic and vintage car cover or get some advice from our team of motor insurance experts. Contact us today.

Farm Insurance

As a farmer, your day-to-day work is affected by a variety of factors. From adverse weather conditions to fluctuating prices in the market. Depending on the nature of your farming business. We can offer you a variety of tailored insurance policies, focusing on loss of earning and product liability cover, along with many other features.

So, whether you’re looking to insure a one-man operation or large-scale farms with 50+ employees. We have a policy to suit your needs. Don’t get stuck searching for insurance until the cows come home. Contact us to get expert advice from a member of our team today.

Marine Insurance

If it floats and has an engine, we can probably insure it for you! Whether you need to insure your dinghy, yacht or narrowboat. We can help you find the right insurance policy to suit your needs. Much like car insurance, the level of cover needed will vary based on the type of vehicle and the amount of use you get out of it.

We are also able to insure boat clubs, boat traders, cargo and professional fishers, among other trades and pastimes. So, if you need to make sure your boat stays ship-shape. Contact a member of our team to discuss marine insurance policies today.today.

Nursing Home Insurance

If you run a nursing home, care home or respite care home, then you need insurance that will help to protect your staff, your residents and your contents. Working in the care industry can be a demanding job, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups like the elderly with risks unique to their demographic.

We can help you find the cover you need at competitive rates, including public liability insurance, loss of earnings and contents insurance to protect your business from accidents and compensation claims. To get expert advice on nursing home insurance or arrange your care home cover. Contact a member of our team to discuss your needs in detail today.

Office Insurance

An office insurance policy is a kind of packaged policy that provides your office with a cover that protects you from any mishap and damage that can occur within the office. It protects the office establishments from fire incidents and natural disasters including break-ins and robbery. Also obtaining an office package policy delivers financial assistance to policyholders. Read More

Wholesalers Insurance

Big business can mean big risks, and wholesalers naturally fit this category as they sell large quantities of food, drink, toiletries and more. Our flexible Wholesalers Insurance can cover stock levels, employee safety, public liability insurance and more, depending on your needs.

Like conventional stores, contents insurance, stock protection and loss of business insurance are keen concerns for business owners, which is why we offer plenty of protection for all aspects of your wholesale business. To find the right insurance policy for your needs or get expert advice on how we can help, get in touch with a member of our team today. Read More

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  • Simple Insurance Solutions helped us get the perfect insurance solution for our needs with excellent customer service and a hands-on experience. They advised us through every step of the process and helped us pick the perfect policy for our needs, making everything simple enough for us to understand. We would heartily recommend Simple Insurance Solutions for their excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff and simple business model – it couldn’t have been easier to get the right insurance policy for our business.  
    Cheshire Homes
  • The team at Simple Insurance Solutions made it super simple to find a better insurance policy for our business. They helped us through every stage of the process and advised us on which policy would be best for us. The staff knew what they were on about and helped us find the right policies for our needs, giving advice over the phone until we settled on the right one for us.
    Lynx Taxis
  • When we reached out to Simple Insurance Solutions needing a new policy, they were super helpful and considered all our needs. The person we spoke to knew all about the issues we were concerned about and gave us helpful advice on picking the right insurance solution. The whole time they were really helpful and down to earth, from when we first called them through to choosing our policy and implementing it. Would definitely recommend, great with all kinds of insurance and offers pretty much all the cover you could need.  
    Basarah Lounge
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