Property Insurance

High Net-Worth Insurance

With larger and more elaborate properties, there tend to be more complications along with the larger price tags. Such as pool maintenance and all the up-keep associated with a 40-room mansion. For clients with buildings and content that exceed average valuations. We offer a variety of bespoke insurance policies to ensure that you get the cover you need.

As well as superb levels of cover, our high net-worth insurance policies are implemented. With complete discretion and a personalised service to ensure the right policy for you. When your home is above and beyond average, find insurance to match at Simple Insurance Solutions. Read More

Holiday Home Insurance

Our Holiday Home insurance policies are design to offer peace of mind for the property owner. As you may be unable to visit the property in question for most of the year. Whether you’re looking to insure a short-term holiday let investment or a second home. Our flexible policies can give you all the cover you need.

These policies are available to UK property owners who own properties which are unoccupied for long periods of time due to living or working overseas. To find out if you’re eligible for our Holiday Home insurance and what cover our policies offer, contact us today.

Home Emergency Insurance

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you’ll find yourself in an emergency situation at home. Such as your boiler breaking down or your bathroom flooding. To protect against these domestic disasters, we’ve created Home Emergency insurance. That provides emergency assistance, cover for call out charges and guaranteed repairs.

Protect against the worst and ensure that your home will be repaired as good as new in good time with our flexible home emergency insurance at competitive rates today. To learn more about the features of this policy. How we can help you in the event of an emergency, get in touch with our home insurance team today..

Home Insurance

Home is where the heart is, so protect your home. Whether it’s a studio flat, two-bedroom house or a mansion. With a home insurance policy that’s right for you from Simple Insurance Solutions. Our flexible home insurance plans may save you money on your home insurance quote. And our advisors will help you find a policy with all the cover you need.

Though you dread to think of anything happening to your property, accidents are a sad fact of life and the sooner you protect against fires, flood, etc. The more prepared you’ll be when it happens. To learn more about the levels of cover we offer – including contents and building insurance – or ask for some expert advice, speak to a member of our home insurance team today. Read More

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, it’s vital to ensure that all your properties are maintained and protected to a high standard for your renters, especially with the high level of legal protection for renters in the UK. We know that your properties are more than just bricks and mortar – they are part of your business and the primary source of income for many landlords.

We can help you find a landlord insurance policy that meets your exact needs, whether you rent out a spare room of your house or have a portfolio of flats. For contents insurance, rent guarantees and more, contact us to discuss your needs so that we can help you find a simple solution to your insurance needs as a landlord. Read More

Overseas Property Insurance

Owning a property overseas is an excellent investment opportunity for many people, but the distance and difference in local laws can create obstacles in the event of an accident. To make sure that your holiday home, foreign flat and overseas properties are cover, we offer Overseas Property insurance policies which can cover most EU countries including Spain, Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

Our insurance advisors will help you find the right policy for your needs, with features
including emergency travel to the property and assistance with overseas taxes. In order to recommend the best policy for you, we’ll need to ask a few questions about the property, as failure to tell the insurance provider important information can render your policy invalid.

Renovation Insurance

Properties undergoing renovation bring with them certain risks that you won’t find in rented or occupied properties, associated with security, quality of work carried out and so on. This can often result in high premiums, which is another expense you can do without.

We offer a variety of short-term renovation cover to protect your property while it’s undergoing renovation with flexible policies at competitive rates to give you the cover you need. With buildings and contents cover as standard, contact us to discuss bespoke options and extra cover to meet your needs.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

One of the greatest risks to landlords is the potential for their tenants to miss payments, default on rent of refuse to pay. If your tenant(s) ever fail to pay rent. Then it’s important to have some form of legal recourse before discussions get ugly.

The Rent Guarantee insurance policies we offer include eviction cover, rent guarantee, legal expenses cover and tax protection. So you can rest easy with a more secure cashflow. To learn more about how our Rent Guarantee Insurance policies can ensure. That you get the rent you are own, get in touch with our property insurance team today.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied properties can be a real headache, between lost rent and security issues. so let us help you insure your empty houses and forlorn flats with specialist Unoccupied Property Insurance. While we’re unable to find tenants on short notice or get someone to housesit. We can help you insure against accidents, damages and break-ins of your

Our flexible insurance policies can cover a wide variety of properties from seasonal to
long-term periods of unoccupancy. Insure against this commonplace but unpleasant feature of property ownership with an Unoccupied Property Insurance policy from Simple Insurance Solutions by getting in touch with us today. Read More

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  • Simple Insurance Solutions helped us get the perfect insurance solution for our needs with excellent customer service and a hands-on experience. They advised us through every step of the process and helped us pick the perfect policy for our needs, making everything simple enough for us to understand. We would heartily recommend Simple Insurance Solutions for their excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff and simple business model – it couldn’t have been easier to get the right insurance policy for our business.  
    Cheshire Homes
  • The team at Simple Insurance Solutions made it super simple to find a better insurance policy for our business. They helped us through every stage of the process and advised us on which policy would be best for us. The staff knew what they were on about and helped us find the right policies for our needs, giving advice over the phone until we settled on the right one for us.
    Lynx Taxis
  • When we reached out to Simple Insurance Solutions needing a new policy, they were super helpful and considered all our needs. The person we spoke to knew all about the issues we were concerned about and gave us helpful advice on picking the right insurance solution. The whole time they were really helpful and down to earth, from when we first called them through to choosing our policy and implementing it. Would definitely recommend, great with all kinds of insurance and offers pretty much all the cover you could need.  
    Basarah Lounge
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