Business Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance

Designed for commercial properties with two or more functions – such as a factory adjoining a store – Commercial Combined Insurance covers against a wide variety of risks. Whether you own a small shop, rent a flat or have a portfolio of commercial properties, we can help you find the right commercial property insurance for your needs.As well as superb levels of cover, our high net-worth insurance policies are implemented with complete discretion and a personalised service to ensure the right policy for you. When your home is above and beyond average, find insurance to match at Simple Insurance Solutions.

Our flexible policies come with a variety of options, including but not limited to; buildings cover, public liability, rent cover, theft and damages, etc. For more information on how to cover your commercial property, contact Simple Insurance Solutions today. Read More

Commercial Legal Protection Insurance

Running a business is complicated enough without having to keep track of legislation as well as your staff, expenses and so on. If you’ve ever been involved in a legal dispute, you know how stressful and costly it can be – but what if someone was helping you through it?

Our Commercial Legal Protection Insurance can help alleviate this stress by covering your legal costs for solicitor services, barristers and court expenses, etc. To learn more about our range of policies and features or ask for expert advice on which type of insurance is right for your needs, get in touch with a member of our team today. Our flexible policies come with a variety of options, including but not limited to; buildings cover, public liability, rent cover, theft and damages, etc. For more information on how to cover your commercial property, contact Simple Insurance Solutions today

Contractors Insurance

Given the wide range of tasks you may face and the various hazards and risks inherent to your work, contractors of all kinds should have robust insurance policies to cover all aspects of their jobs. With specialist contractor’s insurance from Simple Insurance Solutions, you can consolidate a range of insurance policies into one single, affordable policy

From public liability to construction insurance and insurance-backed guarantees, our umbrella policy includes a wide range of essential covers to keep you protected from the risks of your career. To learn more about the things we can insure under these policies and advice on which type of insurance is best for you, get in contact with us today. Read More 

Cyber Insurance

As more and more businesses take their presence online – with social media accounts, online shops and more – it’s vital to protect against cyber attacks and hackers. While we can’t help installing a firewall on your server, we can insure against the consequences like loss of business.

With our specialist Cyber Insurance policies, you’ll be protected against the wide range of online threats to your business should the worst happen. To learn more about how our Cyber Insurance policies can protect your business interests online, get in touch with Simple Insurance Solutions today.

Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance

Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Insurance protects a business and key personnel, if ever they were held liable for their actions and sued. While you may take every precaution possible to ensure good business conduct, accidents happen, and you want to be protected from the most disastrous consequences.

D&O Insurance is designed to help fund your legal defence and cover any potential compensation payments in the event that your business or sta are sued for wrongdoing. Historically, D&O cover was used by large businesses with larger risks, but with more people seeking recourse from the courts, it’s a precautionary practise that even small and medium-sized businesses would be wise to consider.

Employers Liability

If you employ people in your business – whether they are 1 part-timer or 100 full-timers – then you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance in place. Employers’ Liability (or EL) Insurance is designed to protect you, the employer, against compensation claims from your employees for injuries, illnesses or loss of property due to their work.

Compensation claims can be costly to fight and bog you down in legal issues, so having effective Employers’ Liability Insurance in place will save you time, money and resources in the long run. These insurance policies are best implemented as part of wider liability packages, as they protect against serious consequences, not least of which are the fines for not having EL Insurance in place. Read More

Engineering Insurance

Whether you run a large software engineering firm or a smaller workshop, the operation of specialist machinery can be quite risky, with serious consequences for accidents. With this in mind, our specialist engineering insurance policies are designed to address the concerns of your industry, including damage to equipment, contents cover and public liability.

Our Engineering insurance polices are flexible and inclusive, allowing you to design your cover around the specific risks of both larger and smaller firms. To learn more or enquire about specific features and the level of cover available, contact us today.

Health Insurance

Health insurance (otherwise known as Private Medical Insurance) helps to ensure that you will get the medical treatment you need, when you need it and with the best possible quality of care. These insurance policies are designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ which are likely to respond quickly to treatment.

Your insurance policy will also cover the cost of surgery, consultants and accommodation whilst you recover, with options on who will treat you and where. With a wide variety of policies to cover all kinds of conditions and budgets, why not get the best quality of care for yourself when you do fall ill or sustain an injury with Simple Insurance Solutions?

High Risk Insurance

If you happen to work in a high-risk trade or occupation, then you already know the value of caution, contingencies and insurance. Whether your job involves abseiling work, hazardous materials or dangerous animals, you need an insurance policy tailored to your needs.

We offer a variety of high-risk insurance policies at competitive prices so that you can find high-quality cover at an aordable price, with easy to understand advice at every step of the way. To learn more about our high-risk policies or get some specialist advice, contact us today.

If you happen to work in a high-risk trade or occupation, then you already know the value of caution, contingencies and insurance. Whether your job involves abseiling work, hazardous materials or dangerous animals, you need an insurance policy tailored to your needs.

We offer a variety of high-risk insurance policies at competitive prices so that you can find high-quality cover at an aordable price, with easy to understand advice at every step of the way. To learn more about our high-risk policies or get some specialist advice, contact us today.

Homeworkers Insurance

While working from home offers a whole host of benefits – such as lowered overheads, the ability to recruit talent from virtually anywhere, flexibility, etc. – it also brings unique risks. With workers no longer operating in a controlled office environment, it can be harder to monitor working conditions.

Our Homeworkers Insurance policies can be tailored to the specific factors of your business, including equipment insurance, product liability and more. If you’re unsure of what feature you need to protect your business, our insurance advisors can help you find the right policy for your needs.

Hotel Insurance

We know that the hotel industry can be risky, with catering, customer safety and overheads to consider, so our hotel insurance policies are designed to let you include all the features you need to protect your business. Our policies can cover all aspects of your hotel business, including premises, contents, accidental damage, public liability, and much more.

We provide a wide variety of flexible hotel insurance plans for all kinds of licensed and non-licensed premises, suitable for all kinds of hotels. To learn more or get advice on how to create the perfect insurance policy for your needs, contact us today.


Running a factory or manufacturing business means that you need to take many precautions, especially when it comes to the safety of workers and visitors. Because you are liable for staff, the public and the quality of your products, robust liability insurance will help you avoid the most disastrous consequences of accidents.

We offer specialist insurance plans for a variety of light & heavy industrial businesses, including cover for employer liability, damage to equipment, and fixture and fittings. To learn more about the types of manufacturing cover we offer or get a quote, contact us today.

Motor Trade Insurance

vital that you have the right level of cover to protect against accidents, legal issues and more. As a motor trade business, you are liable for your staff and products as well as anything that happened on your business premises, so it’s essential to protect against accidents and incidents.

The Motor Trade industry can be extremely lucrative, but due to the risks associated with distributing and selling cars (particularly second-hand or older models) it’s also quite a risky business. We offer a variety of flexible motor trade insurance plans which cover everything from material damages to property owner’s liability insurance, so why not get in touch to learn more today? Read More

Product Liability

Whether your business manufactures, distributes, recommends or sells products, you may be liable for any defects or accidents involving your products. If a customer of yours becomes ill or gets injured as a result of a product you’ve supplied them with, you may be liable under the law, even if you did not make the product in question.

It’s impossible to account for every single product used in your services, distributed or sold, so protecting your business with Product Liability Insurance is one way to prevent damaging litigation from harming your business. Our Product Liability Insurance policies will help to protect your business against the financial costs associated with legal fees, compensation costs and other expenses. Read More

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you’re one of the many UK businesses selling documents, information or training, you could benefit from a professional indemnity insurance policy from Simple Insurance Solutions. Professional Indemnity Insurance will help to protect you from compensation claims and cover legal costs if you’re ever sued for wrongdoing.

Our flexible insurance policies can help protect you and your business from compensation sought by clients, protecting you from the most disastrous consequences of mistakes. To learn more about the features of our Professional Indemnity Insurance, contact a member of our team today.

Pub & Bar Insurance

Public Houses (or “pubs” for short) are the heart and soul of many British towns and cities, providing good food, drink and above all a place to socialise for thousands of Britons daily. We offer a wide variety of insurance options to meet your establishment’s
needs with comprehensive cover at competitive prices.

Whether you run a franchised city pub or freehold a rural bistro, you need effective cover at competitive rates to cover for risks to your business including damages, loss of income, public liability and more. To learn more, request a quote or get expert advice from our team, contact us today.

Public Liability

No matter how careful you are, or how many safeguards your business has put in place, accidents are bound to happen, and insurance is the best way to mitigate the consequences. If ever someone is hurt or your property damaged, public liability insurance will protect your business from compensation claims brought against it.

Compensation claims against your business can easily run into several thousand pounds, making public liability insurance a wise investment in the long run. Depending on the type and scale of your business, the level of insurance you need may vary, so our insurance specialists will help advise you on which policy is best for you. Read More

Restaurant Insurance

Whether you have an American-themed diner, family-owned Italian or British carvery, running a restaurant can be hectic, time-consuming and stressful. On top of wages, stock and bookings, you must also consider the potential for accidents and claims which can prove disastrous if you don’t have the right cover.

We offer a wide variety of insurance policies suited to restaurants, including stock cover, liability insurance and more to suit the needs of your business. Getting a comprehensive insurance policy means that you can focus on satisfying your customers, developing your menu and raising your business to new heights. Read More

Salon Insurance

Working in the beauty industry can be more dangerous than it sounds, as workers routinely handle dangerous chemicals and sharp tools near customers. Taking all of this into account, our salon insurance policies offer cover for a wide variety of risks, from product liability to contents cover and everything in between.

As a business that administers and recommends beauty products, salons are also held liable for any products they use and/or recommend to customers, making liability insurance a must. If you’re unsure of what level of cover is right for your salon, or would like some expert advice, why not ask us about Salon Insurance policies today? Read More

Shop Insurance

Running a shop can be tricky, with stock, wages and risks like shoplifters and accidents to consider, which is why we offer Shop Insurance policies to suit shop owners of all kinds. From sole traders to franchised retailers and everything in between, we can help you find a simple insurance solution that meets your needs and helps you work with peace of mind.

We know that every shop is different, so all our policies can be customised to your needs, whether you want to cover contents, public liability, business interruption or any other potentiality. To learn more, or ask about specific features like stock cover, please contact a member of our shop insurance team today. Read More

Surgery Insurance

Because surgeries are subject to far more regulation and official oversight than many other businesses, the need for insurance is also greater, due to the levels of liability associated with medical practices. Though you and your staff probably take every
reasonable precaution, accidents may still happen, so we can help you protect against potentially devastating compensation claims.

Our flexible Surgery Insurance policies include a wide variety of features, from public liability insurance to refrigerated drug and vaccine insurance and everything in between. To get advice on what surgery insurance policy is best for you, contact a member of our team today.

Takeaway Insurance

If you offer food and/or beverages to go, then you probably know that the food business can move fast, whether you’re selling organic food at a farmer’s market or manage a fast-food franchise. Make sure you’re insured against business closures, accidents on your property and more with takeaway insurance from Simple Insurance Solutions.

Whether you’re a sole trader, manager of a franchise branch or operating a takeaway kitchen, we offer policies to cover buildings & contents, employer’s liability, business interruption and more. For expert advice on the kind of cover that your business needs, please contact a member of our team today. Read More

Tradesmen Insurance

Being a tradesman – whether an electrician, carpenter or plumber – means that you are often responsible for your own work and subject to risks that don’t happen in other professions. One day you’re working in a customer’s home, worrying about damaging
their fittings and the next you’re on a construction site, having to think about the public’s safety.

With all these risks to consider, you need specialist insurance to cover damages, potential claims if your handiwork fails in the future and other risks of the job. Our tradesman cover is customisable to fit your needs, so contact us to find out how we can help protect the things that matter most to your line of work. Read More

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